Licenses management and activation

Licenses management and activation

If you already have the license key you can skip to "Activating SSMSBoost" section.

Logging in to your online account
Purchased SSMSBoost licenses can managed on our website by logging-in into your account.
The username and password required for log-in were provided in the email that was to sent to you after the purchase.
If you forgot the password, you can use "Forgot password" function located on the log-in page.
If you wish to change account email you can use "Change Email" link in the menu.
If for some reason your organisation has several accounts that you would like to merge into one, please send us an email to support@ address.

Licenses management
After logging-in to your account, click "Manage Licenses" link to see all available licenses.
The access of the individual users to your main account is not required. It is enough to provide each user with his own license key and he will be able to activate his copy of SSMSBoost.
Along with license key you can see if the license was already activated, user activation data and remaining updates support period (More about license validity, expiration and support renewal).
Activated licenses can be deactivated from this view (in case you want to re-assign the license).
Using licenses list you can monitor updates support expiration dates and estimate how many renewal tokens are required.
Using "Buy/Request Quote" menu link you can open shopping cart, where you can choose required products and perform the online checkout or generate a quote.

Activating SSMSBoost

License keys look like "yxZbXsqzAAAqL91m" and are listed in your account.
Now, when each user has his own activation key, the activation can be performed directly from the SSMS (if the machine where SSMS is running has access to the Internet) or
the activation can be done on our website, if the security settings/firewalls would not allow direct Internet access.

Activating SSMSBoost directly from the SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) - preferred way:
  1. Start SSMS, open "About/License" dialog located in "SSMSBoost" sub-menu
  2. Select "Professional" type of license
  3. Paste your license key into the "License key" field (example: yxZbXsqzAAAqL91m)
  4. Fill-in your Name and e-mail and hit "Activate"
  5. SSMSBoost will contact the licensing server and generate and apply an activation key automatically.
  6. Done. Please restart SSMS to enable all SSMSBoost features.
Activating SSMSBoost via activation form.
This is only useful, if your machine does not have Internet access and the first activation did not succeed.
  1. Start SSMS, open "About/License" dialog located in "SSMSBoost" sub-menu
  2. Click "Offline mode" checkbox.
  3. Click the appeared link to open the browser or hir "Copy URL" button, to copy the link to the clipboard.
    (If required, you can open thе link on another machine that has Internet access). The copied URL contains the
    "User/Machine" token: the hash value, that will allow our server to generate the activation key for your particular machine.
  4. On our website fill in the appeared activation form with your license key ("License key" field) example: yxZbXsqzAAAqL91m, your Name and E-Mail.
    Please make sure that your e-mail address is correct, as far as it will receive the Activation Key.
  5. Click "Request" button. The Activation Key will be generated and sent to your email.
    Activation key looks like <FirstName,LastName,,0xszNowAxATxnxgGsNXs+5IXzkBDJAxAxAxBxBxgxAKAA==>
  6. Copy the activation key including <> symbols to the clipboard and return to SSMS.
  7. Paste the activation key into the "Apply existing Activation key" field and hit "Activate"
  8. Done. Please restart SSMS to enable all SSMSBoost features.